Welcome to Pet Cremation Services of the Grand Strand!

When you lose a faithful companion, it can be a tremendously emotional time. This is due to the fact that pets hold a unique and special place within a home. The void left by the loss of a pet creates understandable sorrow in the lives of family members. It is only natural that you desire an appropriate and meaningful way to say farewell to one that has meant so much to your life.

This is why Pet Cremation Services of the Grand Strand helps guide you through the process of creating a memorable tribute and memorial.

Most families are unaware of the many ways they can say 'goodbye' to their beloved pet. In fact, an appropriately created service can help with the grieving process, as well as create a permanent memorial to the companion that has played such a special part in the family's life. Let us guide you through the many ways you can pay tribute to your lost friend.

before or after the
death of your pet.

We will pick up
your pet from your
home or vet's office
in a blanket.

The cremation is
completed and ready
for pick-up at our
office in the next 5-7
business days.