"My son, Jim, recently lost his 10 1/2 year old Rottweiler to cancer. 'Charlie' was full of personality and knew immediately if you were a good person or someone to avoid. He had the sweetest disposition and was my son's constant companion, loved by all who met him. Charlie helped him through some tough times, divorce and a major career change being just a few. He is deeply missed by everyone in our familiy as well as numerous friends.

Jim wanted Charlie cremated and even though he lives in Columbia, he chose Pet Cremation Services of the Grand Strand for the cremation. I cannot tell you how please we were with the services provided by the staff. The facility is beautiful and the equipment is state-of-the-art. What was most important was the compassion that was shown to our family; we felt they had known us forever and yet had only just met us.

Unfortunately, we lose our beloved pets, but we now have a way of keeping them near and dear no matter where we live."

  - Phyllis Shore

before or after the
death of your pet.

We will pick up
your pet from your
home or vet's office
in a blanket.

The cremation is
completed and ready
for pick-up at our
office in the next 5-7
business days.